About us


Who We Are

GA aims to create a foundation of trust and provide everyone from new entrants to professional players with the world’s best sports gears. GA SPORTS, the company was started as a Trader of Sports Goods based in Meerut and registered by Govt. Of India in year 2012 & quickly went into the manufacturing of Cricket Gears by the name GA Sports. GA SPORTS established by two brothers Gaurav Pupneja & Abhinav Pupneja. GA Sports being most trusted cricket gear manufacturer. now specialized in Protective gear equipment, Kit Bags,Cricket Bats.

GA SPORTS believes in integrating its business values and operations to meet the expectations of its customers to conduct business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and ethical.

What We Do

GA has evolved into robust manufacturing company that churns out every item related to the game of cricket. Be it English Willow Kashmir Willow, Leather balls, Protective Equipment, Cricket Whites, Kit bags.. you name it, is all being produced at GA!

We at GA SPORTS believe in delivering superior and sustainable value to all our customers, business partners & employees.

Creative Process

The manufacturing supremacy of GA is now also being carried to new product ranges like Gym bags and Active Wear Apparel. Impeccable quality and supreme functionality remains the inspiration at GA. The clothes are made with innovative construction techniques, strategic fits and feature too provide fresh and contemporary looks to the consumer. The fabrics used provide sweat wicking, anti-odour, breathability to the garments for a luxurious performance wear experience.

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