About Us

Serving The Game With The Help Of Talent

GA aims to create a foundation of trust and provide everyone from new entrants to professional players with the world’s best sports gears. GA SPORTS, the company was started as a Trader of Sports Goods based in Meerut and registered by Govt. Of India in year 2012 & quickly went into the manufacturing of Cricket Gears by Brand Name GA Sports. GA SPORTS established by two brothers Gaurav Pupneja & Abhinav Pupneja. GA Sports being most trusted cricket gear manufacturer, specialized in making top quality Cricket Bats, Protective Gear Equipment, Kit Bags, Batting Gloves, Batting Pads etc.

Also Gym Accessories like Gym Belts, Sweat Bands (Wrist Band, Elbow Bands, Head Bands), Gym Bags, etc.